Free Udemy Course – 9 April 2021

Today’s Free Udemy Courses are; SQL Masterclass: SQL for Data Analytics, Create Free Desktop & Mobile friendly Web pages in 2 hours, Build a Mobile App without Coding in 2 Hours and Complete Shopify Guide- From Zero to Creating your own Store

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Free Udemy Course – 9 April 2021

Free Udemy Course
Free Udemy Course

SQL Masterclass: SQL for Data Analytics

6 Reasons why you should choose this SQL course

  1. Carefully designed curriculum teaching you everything in SQL that you will need for Data analysis in businesses
  2. Comprehensive – covers basics, advanced SQL statements, interview tips and performance tuning tips as well
  3. Business related examples and case studies
  4. Ample practice exercises because SQL requires practice
  5. Downloadable resources
  6. Your queries will be responded by the Instructor himself

Verifiable Certificate of Completion is presented to all students who undertake this SQL course.

Why should you choose this course?

This is a complete tutorial on SQL which can be completed within a weekend. SQL is the most sought after skill for Data analysis roles in all the companies. So whether you want to start a career as a data scientist or just grow you data analysis skills, this course will cover everything you need to know to do that.

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Create Free Desktop & Mobile friendly Web pages in 2 hours

Welcome to Use Canva to Create Desktop and Mobile-friendly Web Pages.! You’re joining hundreds of learners currently enrolled in the course. I’m excited to have you in the class and look forward to your contributions to the learning community.


By the end of this course, you will be able to create ready to publish Desktop friendly and Mobile-friendly webpages with the help of the Canva graphic design tool. These simple webpages can be independently published with help of Canva URL or URL shorteners. This course will include an introduction to Canva, how to design Desktop and Mobile friendly webpages and linking these pages to Social media channels, and prepare these simple webpages for publishing or can be shared with the help of Canva URLs or URL shorteners.

In this course, you will:

  • Use Features in Canva
  • Create Desktop and Mobile-friendly webpages
  • Prepare these websites for publishing with Canva URL or URL shorteners

Learn step-by-step

In this course, we will walk you through these steps:

  1. Create Canva Account, Understand Canva Dashboard, and Design Home Page
  2. Design About Us Page
  3. Design Services Page
  4. Design Success Story Page and Link to Facebook Account
  5. Publish Website
  6. Design Contact Us Page and Link to different Social Media Channels
  7. Design Sample Mobile-friendly Website and Publish it.
  8. Advantages and Disadvantages of Canva Websites

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Build a Mobile App without Coding in 2 Hours

We will learn how to create a mobile app from a Google Sheet using Glide, a web application built by former Microsoft engineers to simplify app development.

We will learn how to create the data structure for the app to rely on Google Sheets, how to test the app, distribute it and install it, with no need for coding experience or skills.

We will build a book-sharing mobile app with user sign-in functionalities, adding items, marking as favorites, creating personalized lists, sharing book reviews, and more. The tool can be used as an easy development and marketing tool in order to create functional apps for personal and business use, for your client, as promotion tools or company internal applications, and more.


  1. Intro and accounts creation
  2. Create your Google Sheet and app data structure
  3. Personalize your Google Sheet with formulas and dynamic content
  4. Create your app layout and main settings
  5. Personalize a page layout in the app
  6. Further personalization by user
  7. Add sharing options
  8. Distribute, install and test the app


  1. Web development
  2. App development
  3. Mobile development
  4. Marketing
  5. Google sheets


A laptop

An internet connection

No special background needed

No coding skills needed

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Complete Shopify Guide- From Zero to Creating your own Store

Shopify is an online store creation software that helps you to create an online store without any coding. Creating a Shopify store takes a lot of time and is more aching. But with this course, you can easily create a Fully-functional store within 24-48 hours which is ready to scale to the moon. I have documented the whole process from Signing up, setting legal pages to the first sale of your store.

About the Instructor:

I founded my e-commerce business in 2019 and I used Shopify to grow and scale my business. My business went through the roof and that was my first success. With that store, I generated 6 -figures in sales. Shopify helps me a lot to scale my business as It is the best e-commerce software available in the market. Shopify has enormous benefits with less subscription fee.

After that, I created one more Shopify store (dropshipping) and scaled that to the moon. Till then, I was dealing in physical products, after that, I started selling Digital products like Ebooks, courses, programs. To this date, I am 6 Shopify stores ( 4 Physical, 2 Digital).

I’ll be showing all the basics tools and tricks to use while creating our store and scale them. Thank You, See you in the course.

The Majority of tools in this course is FREE.

You will learn how to :

  1. Create an online e-commerce store with Shopify
  2. Add Products (Physical and digital)
  3. Manage customers and orders
  4. Review Analytics and marketing
  5. Create Marketing campaign
  6. How to create Discounts (manual & automatic)
  7. Integrating Best Apps to your store
  8. Edit your web storefront
  9. Creating pages, footer, and header.
  10. Adding or buying a custom domain
  11. Setting up Payment Gateway
  12. Creating Legal Pages
  13. Understanding Billing, plan & Permissions
  14. Logo creation & How to contact customer service
  15. Customer psychology and platform we leverage
  16. Writing ads copy that sells

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