Free Udemy Course – 3 April 2021

Today’s Free Udemy Courses are; Become a MEAN Stack Developer: MongoDB; Express;Angular;Node, Reverse Engineering & Memory Hacking of Packed Programs, AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate 1625 Exam Review and Data Analytics Real-World Projects in Python

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Free Udemy Course – 3 April 2021

Free Udemy Course
Free Udemy Course

Become a MEAN Stack Developer: MongoDB; Express;Angular;Node

MEAN, a free, open-source, full-stack solution for MEAN applications. MEAN combines MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js into a single, full­stack solution for JavaScript development.

This course introduces development techniques that capitalise on the strengths of every layer in the MEAN stack, using a simple shopping list application project that has a Backend server side Api built with Node , Express and MongoDB  and a Frontend client built with angular 6 that will exchange with  the backend API. Data will be exchanged between a browser based client and an API  backend service .  You will learn the essential concepts of the MEAN stack .

Learn how to create a component and a form for users to add new  items and also to edit items. The front end  Angular Client will display data stored from the backend service. These techniques can be reused and recombined in your own MEAN­based web applications.

What we will cover includes:

  • Installing and setting up your MEAN development environment
  • Configuring Angular Component with a form to add new items and also to edit existing items
  • Creating http methods
  • Displaying stored items from database
  • Learn how to connect your Angular Frontend to a NodeJS & Express & MongoDB Backend
  • Installing and working with MongoDB and Node.js
  • Implementing a MongoDB schema 
  • Defining routes
  • Using Postman to interact with backend API
  • Using nodemon to run server
  • Implementing middleware
  • Subscribing to Observables
  • Creating a data service
  • Injecting service into component
  • Editing component
  • Nesting Component

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Reverse Engineering & Memory Hacking of Packed Programs

Traditionally packed programs are unpacked before debugging is carried out. This is because a packed program’s file cannot be patched. Much of software protection has centered on making it difficult to unpack programs. However,  the important question is: how effective is packing, obfuscation and anti-debugging as a means to prevent reversing? This course explores several packers to find the answers.

We will do the analysis using a tool called Cheat Engine, which is a prominent tool used by game hackers. This tool could also be used to study and analyze packed program’s processes that is running in memory. You will learn how to perform debugging in spite of anti-debugging being implemented. There is no need to unpack and dump memory.  Instead of unpacking and then patching the dumped files and fixing IAT (Import Address Table) tables,  we will write scripts to hack memory using byte patching using an advanced technique called AOB (Array-Of-Bytes) Injection, by injecting code into code caves (inline memory patching).  In this course you will learn how to do all of the above and more.

At the end of this course you will be able to gauge the effectiveness of software packers, obfuscation and anti-debugging protection and also to have a good idea of how to implement extra countermeasures to improve the security of software.

In all the practical exercises and walkthroughs, we will use Crackme’s which I have written. You will learn how to pack them using several popular packers and then hack them using Cheat Engine.

What you will learn

  • How to set hardware breakpoints and debug packed programs in spite of anti-debugging protection
  • Doing Break and Trace to identify Algorithms for reversing
  • Identifying addresses to do memory patching
  • Writing custom trainers (loaders) using Cheat Engine to hack and patch memory
  • Modify program behavior
  • Process Patching programs
  • Creating Lua Scripts for process patching
  • Test the effectiveness of Anti-Debugging technology
  • Packing crackmes using popular packers
  • Hack the packed crackmes and patch their memory during runtime


  • Before taking this course, you should preferably be already familiar with how to use x64dbg and Cheat Engine
  • Windows PC
  • Some knowledge of Assembly would be useful but not compulsory

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AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate 1625 Exam Review

This course includes

・1625 questions analysis (from 3 actual exam and 4 famous practice tests)

・Detailed explanation and lecturer for each question pattern based on the above analysis

・No-hands-on (because there are lots of hands on courses in Udemy) for the shortest preparatory time

・300 excellent, non-overlapping questions narrowed down from 1625 questions

This course aims at the maximizing your ability to achieve your goals in the shortest time. It can take more than 20 hours to complete the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam preparation course on Udemy. On top of this, it can easily take more than 30 hours to carry out hands-on step by step with the lecturer. It’s a huge time commitment.

To solve this issue, we have designed this course with the goal of securing your successful pass in the shortest time possible with our 10 hour course.

We have identified the most frequent question topics and formats of the Associate Exam by analyzing 1625 of past questions from the Associate Exam and popular mock exam courses online!

This insight allows you to focus only the questions you’ll be asked to answer for in the test. Together let’s aim for the shortest path to success!

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Data Analytics Real-World Projects in Python

Why should you take this Course?

  • It explains Projects on  real Data and real-world Problems. No toy data! This is the simplest & best way to become a Data Analyst/Data Scientist
  • It shows and explains the full real-world Data. Starting with importing messy datacleaning data, merging and concatenating data, grouping and aggregating data, Exploratory Data Analysis through to preparing and processing data for Statistics, Machine Learning and Data Presentation.
  • Professionals who are exposed to data but can’t yet leverage its power
  • Product managers who want to make data-driven decisions
  • It gives you plenty of opportunities to practice and code on your own. Learning by doing.
  • In real-world projects, coding and the business side of things are equally important. This is probably the only course that teaches both: in-depth Python Coding and Big-Picture Thinking like How you can come up with a conclusion
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction: Otherwise, get your money back with 30-Days-Money-Back-Guarantee.

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