Free Udemy Course – 15 March 2021

Today’s Free Udemy Courses are; Adobe Premiere Pro CC Essential Video Editing Zero To Hero, 3 Days Linux Administration Course, Top 5 Awesome Raspberry Pi Projects, C# .NET tutorial for complete beginners and Mobile Security: Reverse Engineer Android Apps From Scratch

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Free Udemy Course – 15 March 2021

Daily Free Udemy Course
Daily Free Udemy Course

Adobe Premiere Pro CC Essential Video Editing Zero To Hero

This is a beginner level class so so together me you we will learn Adobe Premiere pro from basic to advance. This is a project base class so you will be able to apply your learned skill in real time class project. You will learn from this class about every basic lesson of video editing in Adobe Premiere Pro CC:

You’ll learn:

  • Setting Your Project and Import Video Clips
  • Multiple Video Placement
  • Color Adjustment
  • Transitions
  • Noise Reduction
  • Audio Levelling
  • Add Text
  • Unlink And Nest
  • Speed Of Video
  • End Credit
  • Text Animation
  • Remove Green Screen
  • Cinematic Effect
  • Video Blur
  • Video Inside Text
  • Multiple Video Same Time

and many more

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3 Days Linux Administration Course

This course is designed for those students who do not have enough time to learn Linux.  They want to be able to do Linux installation and manage the Linux server by running commands in 3 days.  Spend a few hours with me everyday for the next 3 days and I will make sure you will learn the following:

Day 1 – Installation, Configuration, File System and Basic Commands

  • Understanding of Linux?
  • What is Oracle Virtual Box?
  • Downloading and Installing Oracle Virtual Box
  • Creating virtual machine
  • Linux Distributions
  • Downloading and Installing Linux (CentOS)
  • Download and install Putty
  • Connect Linux VM via Putty
  • Changing Password
  • Introduction to File System
  • Quiz and Handouts

Day 2 – Linux System Administration

  • File Permissions (chmod)
  • File Ownership (chown, chgrp)
  • Getting Help (man, whatis etc.)
  • Adding text to file
  • Pipes ( | )
  • File Maintenance Commands
  • File Display Commands
  • Filters / Text Processing Commands (cut, sort, grep, awk, uniq, wc)
  • Compare Files (diff, cmp)
  • Compress and un-compress files/directories (tar, gzip, gunzip)
  • Linux File Editors (vi text editor)
  • User account management (useradd, groupadd, usermod, userdel, groupdel)
  • Switch users and Sudo access
  • Monitor users (who, id, last)
  • System utility commands (date, uptime, hostname, which, cal, bc etc.)
  • Quiz and Handouts

Day 3 – Advance Linux System Administration

  • Processes and schedules (systemctl, ps, top, kill, crontab and at)
  • System Monitoring Commands (top, df, dmesg, iostat 1, netstat, free etc.)
  • OS Maintenance Commands (shutdown, reboot, halt, init etc.)
  • Changing System Hostname (hostnamectl)
  • Finding System Information (uname, cat /etc/redhat-release, cat /etc/*rel*, dmidecode)
  • Terminal control keys
  • Linux Kernel
  • What is Shell?
  • Shell scripting
  • Quiz and Handouts

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Top 5 Awesome Raspberry Pi Projects – Do It Yourself 2021

In this Top 5 Awesome Raspberry Pi Projects course you will learn to build 5 cool projects using your raspberry pi for school, college university, and as a hobbyist. Anytime someone asks me how to turn their weird tech project into reality, my immediate instinct is to recommend the Raspberry Pi. If you don’t have previous knowledge of raspberry pi then don’t worry I design every lecture of this course in a very easy way so that you all can easily follow me and build your projects on your own. I will guide you step by step to build the following raspberry pi projects :

  1. Raspberry Pi WiFi Jammer
  2. Raspberry Pi Weather Station
  3. Raspberry Pi Proxy Server
  4. Raspberry Pi Media Player
  5. Raspberry Pi Blind Eye
  6. Raspberry Pi WiFi Router

These are the latest raspberry pi projects you can build right now at your home following this video course and also can submit these projects at your school, college, university as a project fair & competition. In this course, you will get all the resources like codes, commands, links everything so that you can follow all of these videos as a complete beginner.

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C# .NET tutorial for complete beginners – Masterclass in 3h

Once you’ve finished this C# tutorial. You will know everything about variables, methods, classes and object-oriented programming in general. As icing on the cake you will also know how to make a database connection from C# to the database. Using the entity framework.

All in all a tutorial to get a good overall understanding of C#. After this you have all the knowledge required to create applications, and it is a great base to learn advanced usages of C# in the near future.So if you’re new to C# programming this tutorial is for you. We will raise your C# skills to the next level!

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Mobile Security: Reverse Engineer Android Apps From Scratch

This is an introductory course suitable for cyber security newcomers as well as cyber security professionals who would like to dive into the world of mobile security.

In recent years, Android has established itself as a leader in the mobile OS market. For this reason, it is a common target of abuse among cyber-criminals.

This course will provide students with the ability to set up an analysis environment, allowing them to analyze suspicious Android apps and determine whether or not they are malicious. The syllabus assumes that the student has little or no knowledge of Android security. It therefore provides the fundamentals not only on Android security, but on Android applications in general.

The course will take students through the process of developing a basic Android application, which will provide insight into the inner workings of an Android APK. Upon completion, students will have their own analysis environment along with the knowledge required to analyze suspicious APKs.

Course outline:

  • Course Requirements
  • Intro to Android
  • Course/Lab Setup
  • Developing a Basic Android App
  • Analyzing Android Apps
  • Case Study: Analyzing an actual ransomware and developing a decryption tool

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