1 October – Introduction to Modern Marketing Analytics with Oribi(109$ to Free)

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1 October – Introduction to Modern Marketing Analytics with Oribi(109$ to Free)


Welcome to Modern Marketing Analytics with Oribi, your comprehensive guide to using marketing analytics in the data-abundant world of today. In this course, you will become familiar with what marketing analytics are, how they can be measured effectively, and the implications they can have on your business’s success. Taught through the medium of Oribi, a modern marketing analytics tool, this course includes industry-sourced examples and hands-on exercises that will help you optimize and strategize your marketing efforts for maximum impact!

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Implement the Oribi tracking code on your website without the need for a developer.
  • Create magic events (from scratch and via the catalog) to track specific business KPIs.
  • Distinguish between an account and an ecosystem.
  • Identify and analyze correlations between different website events.
  • Build and use UTMs to track your campaign performance.
  • Create funnels and explore your visitor journeys.
  • Analyze your channels and learn what’s leading to the most/least conversions.
  • Attribute and pinpoint what marketing channel sequence leads to a conversion.
  • Create stunning reports in a matter of minutes.
  • Connect email addresses to match journeys to your top prospects.
  • Use Oribi’s smart filters to look into journeys of specific segments.
  • Integrate Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, and MailChimp into your Oribi account.
  • And much, much more!

What is Oribi?

You might be thinking, marketing analytics sounds great… but what exactly is Oribi? Analyzing your marketing efforts without software can be draining and anything but efficient, exactly what marketing efforts are against! Oribi is a marketing analytics tool that helps you analyze and optimize all of your marketing efforts, all in one place. From eCommerce purchases to website micro-conversions, Oribi can assist you in identifying when someone visits, leaves, interacts with, or makes a purchase from your site, and most importantly, why. In short, Oribi can help you turn endless data and reports into optimized, easy-to-understand solutions so you can take actionable steps for your business growth.

Course Bonus: As a graduate of this course, you get a 20% OFF discount from any Oribi subscription

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